Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

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Your landlord is required by law to place your deposit into a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme (TDP), so as to safeguard your money and ensure that it’s swiftly returned to you at the end of your tenancy.

This process also involves a legal obligation on the part of your Landlord to provide you with a copy of the ‘deposit protection certificate’ to you as a tenant (or any 3rd party that may have contributed toward the deposit) explicitly within 30 days of receiving the deposit from you.

If you do not receive a certificate within this 30 day period it is highly likely you are entitled to claim compensation from your landlord.

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How much compensation is there?

Compensation can amount to more than 3 times the amount paid to your landlord as a deposit.

As a leading law firm in the North of England dealing with Landlord & Tenant issues, PDA LAW have developed a swift and effective process for managing compensation claims for tenancy deposit disputes and we have an exceptional success rate.

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  • You are unsure whether your deposit was protected adequately
  • You did not receive your deposit scheme protection certificate within 30 days of paying your deposit
  • You know your deposit was not protected
  • You did not receive your deposit back when your tenancy completed

If you suspect you have been mistreated by your landlord in regard to your tenancy deposit or the protection of it in a registered scheme, if you have not received your TDP certificate, or you are having problems getting it back, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Understanding your Rights

The rights that you have as a tenant can often appear confusing and unclear, however we will provide you with coherent and straightforward advice to help minimise your stress and worry.

When you pay a deposit for a rental property you landlord has 30 days to place it in one of three tenancy protection schemes and present you with the relevant certificate:

  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
  • Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS)
  • My Deposits

This is a legal requirement designed to stop landlords from using your money as financial gain and to ensure it is readily available to you at the end of your tenancy. Your landlord is legally obliged to provide you with a copy of the deposit protection certificate, prescribed information and also the deposit protection scheme leaflet.

Unfortunately some landlords ignore their legal obligations, either by not providing you with the aforementioned documents, not protecting your deposit at all or protecting it too late i.e. after the 30 day deadline.

If your landlord has broken the law you are able to sue them for an amount that is up to fourfold your deposit. The figure decided on will be at the judge’s discretion however you may be entitled to more than you think. This is often as a result of being able to sue your landlord for each instance that they have breached your agreement. Each time you renew your lease, your landlord has another thirty days to safeguard your deposit. On every occasion they fail to do so it is considered a unique and separate breach, for which you will be able to claim.

In relation to the prescribed information, a claim can be made in the event of any of the following;

  • Your landlord has not completed the prescribed information, explaining in detail how the deposit has been protected, correctly or even at all.
  • The prescribed information is not signed by either your landlord or the letting agent.
  • In the case of being a joint tenant, your landlord is only required to fill out one form but failure to add details of all tenants’ means that you are entitled to make a claim.
  • In the event that the deposit was paid in part or full by a third party, the landlord is required to address the party and should be presented to them separately. If this is not done, a claim can be made.

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