Evicting Residential Tenants

When evicting tenants, it is vital that landlords follow the correct procedures to ensure they stay on the right side of the law. If a landlord fails to evict a tenant in a legal manner, they may be unable to recover possession of their property and can even face criminal proceedings.

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Reasons for evicting a tenant

A landlord does not hold the power to evict a tenant under their discretion and must provide a valid reason for eviction. Reasons for legally evicting a tenant include:

  • The tenant hasn’t paid the rent
  • The tenant is engaging in anti-social behaviour
  • The tenant has damaged the property
  • You have a break clause in the tenancy agreement  
  • The tenant has breached the tenancy agreement

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How to evict a tenant  

In order to legally evict a tenant, you must adhere to the following procedure:

  • Provide the tenant with a written notice, typically referred to as a ‘Section 21’, giving them two months to leave
  • Take your tenant to court and obtain a leaving order
  • Apply to the courts for a bailiff to evict the tenant

At no point is a landlord allowed to physically evict a tenant. This must only be carried out by a court-ordered bailiff.

Consequences of wrongful eviction

Although it can be frustrating to evict a tenant, landlords must not use any of the following tactics to remove the tenant from the property:

  • Changing the locks
  • Harassing the tenant
  • Giving no notice
  • Physically removing the tenant or their belongings from the property

If you attempt or are successful in evicting a tenant under illegal circumstances, you may be unable to retain possession or your property and may face criminal proceedings.

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