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If you are looking for a trusted and experienced solicitor to deal with your wills and probate needs, the friendly team at PDA Law Solicitors are here for you. We offer services that include comprehensive will writing, arranging a trust, disputing a will and much more. Our expert private client solicitors will provide you with straightforward, tailored advice that you and your family can follow.

Although many people are reluctant to think about writing a will, especially when you are fit and healthy, it is essential to be prepared for future ill health, injury or fatal accidents. This is not a subject to shy away from, and it is crucial that you get your will right first time, as you will not be around to clarify any ambiguity when it comes to executing your will and distributing your estate to the people who you want to inherit it.

Our team will always listen sympathetically and with a friendly ear, and will point out any possible bones of contention in your wishes – for example, if you want to exclude somebody completely from your inheritance – so that we can write a will that not only reflects your wishes, but can be enforced in court when the time comes.

To speak to a member of our helpful wills and probate team, call us on 01244 373 373 or complete our online contact form and we will be in touch.

Our Wills and Probate Services

Our team are highly experienced in a range of wills and probate cases and offer services in the following areas:

If you can’t find the category you are looking for, simply contact one of our solicitors for more information. We have a wide range of experience in all areas of inheritance and family finances, and can advise on specific and general enquiries about this and other aspects of family law as required.

Why PDA Law Solicitors?

Led by respected solicitor Elainne Lawrie, our wills and probate team has successfully dealt with a high number of cases resulting in a high rate of satisfied clientele. Of course every case is significant, and we will always handle your enquiry on its own merits as we aim towards a 100% satisfaction rate.

Whether arranging your own future, or dealing with a loved one’s wishes, we will handle your case in a sensitive and respectful manner, working hard to ensure you gain the results you need. We also handle dispute cases, whether that means filing a claim against contentious probate or defending a will against any such challenge.

No matter which side of a claim you are on, you need to know that you have lawyers who will fight your corner and bring to bear the full weight of the law to defend your interests. Whether that means getting you an inheritance when you have been inappropriately excluded, or defending a loved one’s will against spurious inheritance claims, we are here to help, advise on the likelihood of a win, and pursue the case to its conclusion.

If appropriate, you may be eligible for a no-win, no-fee case, minimising your personal and financial risk. We will still advise on your chance of success, as it is not advisable to file a spurious claim under any circumstances, but in less clear-cut instances, this may give you the confidence to proceed in the hope of securing victory. To find out more about our no-win, no-fee terms, or with any enquiries about wills and probate, contact a member of our wills and probate team today.

Contact our Wills, Estate & Probate team

You can reach us online or by telephone for a quick and friendly response. We take all enquiries on their own merits and will listen to all of the details before we decide whether we think you have a good chance of making a successful claim.

If we think you have a case to be brought, we will advise you on the next steps to take, and this includes raising a dispute as quickly as possible in contentious probate cases, to prevent the finances and assets from being distributed from the deceased’s estate to individuals who may not be entitled to receive them.

Of course not all enquiries relate to disputes, and if you just want advice on writing a will or inheritance tax planning, we can arrange an in-person meeting to go through your finances and any existing plans, such as trust funds, you may already have in place to minimise the inheritance tax payable on your estate.

To contact a member of our team regarding your wills and probate needs, simply call us on 01244 373 373, or complete our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Experts

Elainne Lawrie

Wills/Probate/Private Client solicitor – Member of the Society for Trusts and Estates Practitioners

E: enquiries@pdalaw.co.uk

James Lightfoot

Wills/Probate/Private Client solicitor

E: enquiries@pdalaw.co.uk