Separation Agreements

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What is a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is a contract between spouses or civil partners who wish to have their separation legally recognised. A separation agreement allows a couple to stay legally married but live separately. This agreement is legally binding and should outline a couple’s rights and obligations towards each other and any children involved.

The separation agreement negotiation process

The terms discussed during a separation agreement are the same as those also addressed during a divorce. Both parties must consent to the terms of their separation agreement. If they cannot come to an agreement, they must negotiate the terms through a mediator.

The negotiation process will address important issues such as:

  • custody agreements for any children
  • visitation agreements for any children
  • maintenance payments
  • division of finances and debts
  • division of property

Once both parties have come to a fair agreement, the separation agreement must be written up and signed by both parties. This document is called a Deed of Separation and is a legally binding contract.

What is the difference between a separation agreement and a divorce?

There are certain benefits of a separation agreement that a divorce does not provide. These advantages include:

  • Allowing couples time apart to decide if they want a divorce
  • Retaining marital benefits and rights such as medical, tax, family and employment benefits
  • Allowing couples to legally retain marital status if their religion conflicts with divorce
  • The ability to turn the separation agreement into a divorce settlement in the future

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