Alternative Dispute Resolution

When settling any dispute, court proceedings should be a last resort because they are often costly and time consuming. Before turning to the courts, an alternative dispute resolution should be used, such as negotiation or mediation.

If you are involved in a dispute of any kind, whether it is at work, home or with a product or service, you may want help or advice on the best method to settle the dispute. At PDA Law, we have a team of qualified civil mediators who are experienced in providing our clients with an alternative dispute resolution suited to them.

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Types of Dispute Resolution

Before resorting to the courts, there are several ways individuals and businesses can resolve their disputes. These resolutions are often quicker and easier than taking a case to court and often costs less money.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions available include:

  • negotiation – the easiest form of dispute resolution, negotiation is often overlooked by both parties during a dispute. When an agreement cannot be reached, both parties should seek advice from solicitors who can help with negotiations.
  • mediation – mediation is the most common way to settle a dispute out of court. The process of a mediation includes both parties appointing an unbiased third party to help settle the dispute. The mediator will provide an outcome that is fair for both parties.
  • expert determination – this process involves the inclusion of an independent party who is an expert in the subject matter in dispute. Before entering an expert determination, both parties must agree that the expert’s decision is final and legally binding.
  • arbitration – the process of arbitration is often used to settle employment disputes such as unfair dismissal. An impartial outsider is typically used to make the final decision on a dispute.
  • adjudication – this involves an arbiter or judge reviewing evidence and arguments in order to reach a final decision and settle upon an agreement. This decision will outline the right and obligations between both parties.

If you are unsure which dispute resolution is right for you, contact our solicitors to receive advice on how to settle your dispute.

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