Has your personal data been leaked?

Our expert data breach compensation claim solicitors can help you obtain a financial settlement of up to £4,500 depending on the circumstances.

You have the right under GDPR, the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act to have your personal data and sensitive information kept private and accurate. If it is not correct or is allowed to get into the public domain, then serious damage can be caused to you both emotionally and financially.


Data breaches may involve:

  • Personal health information (PHI)
  • Medical documents
  • Social services documents
  • Financial information
  • Sensitive, protected or confidential information
  • Misuse of personal information


Private companies and public bodies obtain and hold a great deal of personal and sensitive information on a daily basis. They must use and store your information correctly and legally.

Data is too often disclosed to incorrect third parties both intentionally and accidentally. There are also many examples of IT systems being ‘hacked’ meaning that the security of your personal and sensitive information is inadequate and susceptible of being stolen, misused and leaked into the public domain.

Major Data Breaches

Data breaches have impacted some of the biggest businesses in the world, exposing the personal data of hundreds of millions of consumers.  Under GDPR, companies can receive hefty fines  for breaking the rules.  Companies in all major business sectors have had data breaches in recent years including airlines, banks, medical institutions, higher education institutions, credit card companies and mobile phone companies.

Here are some of the companies who have been the subject of data breaches, hack or leaks:

Adult Friend Finder
British Airways (BA)
Dixons Carphone Warehouse
Estée Lauder
Lloyds Banking Group
Marriott International
My Fitness Pal
Sony Entertainment

If your data was been leaked, what can you do?

You can seek to do any or all of the following:

  • Complain to the private company or public body directly.
  • Complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (‘the ICO’).
  • Request that the error be rectified by declaration.
  • Seek compensation for damage that has been caused to you.


Our experienced Data Breach Solicitors can help you navigate the process and secure the maximum compensation available in your circumstances.

When can you claim data breach compensation?

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We act on a ‘no win, no fee’ which means that if you don’t win, we don’t get paid.

The amount of compensation you can be awarded ranges from £500 to £4,500 depending on the circumstances of your case.

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Examples of a data breach claim

We can help in situations such as:

  • Making public your confidential information
  • Disclosing your information without consent
  • Disclosing your information with consent to incorrect party
  • Failing to adequately protect information from hackers
  • Using information/data outside of its stated purpose
  • Storing inaccurate and out-of-date information
  • Fraudulent use of your personal information
  • Holding data longer than necessary.

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