Brain Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. Contact us today to speak to a dedicated and reliable member of our personal injury claim team and see whether you have a claim.

Brain injuries can be life-changing. Victims may be rendered unable to move, unable to speak, or unable to think, leaving them without employment and struggling to get by. Victims who are severely mentally and physically disabled typically require expensive round-the-clock care and novel therapies that aren’t funded by the NHS. The compensation awarded in a successful personal injury claim can go some way to helping alleviate the financial pressures of living with someone with a brain injury and funding their treatment. It can also help to offset the stress experienced by the family.

What is a brain injury?

There are two main types of brain injury: acquired brain injury and traumatic brain injury. Acquired brain injuries are injuries that occurred due to natural illnesses in the brain, such as strokes, aneurysms and brain tumours. Traumatic brain injuries, on the other hand, are caused by trauma to the head, such as that sustained during a head injury. All traumatic brain injuries are head injuries, but not all head injuries are brain injuries. There are many causes of TBIs include slips, trips and falls, accidents in the workplace, road traffic accidents, and assaults. Whatever the cause of your brain injury, we will investigate the accident thoroughly and help you to make a claim.

What are the effects of a brain injury?

The effects of brain injury vary considerably and can be very difficult to predict. The extent of the head injury can give some indicated as to how bad the brain injury is likely to be, but this isn’t a sure-fire rule; some minor injuries can result in severe brain injuries. A small blow to the head could cause a concussion, or it could cause a massive bleed, known as a brain haemorrhage. Brain injuries result in the deterioration and destruction of brain cells, thereby causing brain damage. Brain damage can cause victims to become permanently mentally and/or physically disabled and can severely affect a person’s ability to function. Doctors can gauge how bad the damage to a person’s brain is by examining how long they are unconscious for after a blow to the head.

Mild brain injury

Mild brain injuries are marked by either no unconsciousness or a short period of unconsciousness. Most mild injuries result in concussion, with the victim experiencing relatively mild symptoms such as temporary confusion, a headache and nausea.

Moderate brain injury

Victims of moderate brain injury are usually unconscious for a moderate period of time after the accident, usually anywhere up to six hours.

Severe brain injury

Severe brain injury is usually marked by a period of extended unconsciousness. Victims of severe head injuries are usually unconscious for 24 hours or more. In some cases, victims can remain unconscious for days, months or years.

Patients with moderate to severe brain injuries are most likely to experience permanent and life-changing disabilities such as affected movement, reduced cognitive ability, and a severe reduction in mental capacity. Patients with minor brain injuries, however, typically only experience temporary symptoms.

What are the causes of brain injury?

Common causes of brain injury include road traffic accidents and accidents at work and at home. Some situations, such as road traffic accident or an accident at work, may be due to a person’s negligence (such as drink driving or failure to clean up a spillage). If you have been injured because of an accident that was caused by somebody else, you should contact us today to discuss your case.

How much can I claim for a brain injury?

The amount of money you will be entitled to will depend largely on the extent of your brain injury and the damage it has caused. The court will also consider whether you have lost out financial as a result of the accident (such as if you had to stop working and suffered a reduction in your income). We will be able to provide you with an estimate once you have gotten in touch with us and we have investigated your case.

How can PDA Law help?

Our highly reputable team are on hand to investigate your case and help you to secure the compensation you deserve. We have vast amounts of experience dealing with brain injury cases and will help you to get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help by calling 01244 373373. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form and we will call you back at a time that is convenient for you.

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