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If you have suffered an amputations injury because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact one of our expert solicitors today to make a claim. Here at PDA, we understand that losing a limb is an extremely traumatic event that can severely impact your quality of life. Our highly reliable team of legal professionals have vast experience in the field of serious injury law and will work tirelessly to help you win the compensation you deserve. We know that the money you receive won’t be able to undo the pain that has been caused to you and your family, but it can help to ease the financial pressures associated with an amputations injury, making up for lost earnings and helping to fund new prosthetics and adaptive technologies.

What is amputation?

Amputation is the removal of one of the body’s limbs, usually by surgery. Doctors may amputate a patient’s limbs to stop the spread of gangrene, control infection or help remove cancer cells from the body. In the UK, one of the most common causes of amputation is diabetic foot infection, a debilitating condition that affects diabetes and is caused by reduced blood flow to the patient’s extremities. The condition can become septic, resulting in gangrene and making amputation the only possible form of treatment. Amputations that are not carried out by surgeons are known as traumatic amputations. They are usually the result of seriously injury and can cause severe psychological trauma to the victim as well as physical disability.

What are the causes of traumatic amputation?

Accidents in the home, at work and on the road all have the potential to result in catastrophic injury and may result in the traumatic amputation of one or more of the victim’s limbs. Limbs may be severed from the body at the scene of the accident or removed later by surgeons. For patients who sustain severe injuries such as crushed limbs, extensive burns or excessive blood loss, amputation may be the only treatment option available to trauma doctors.

Most of the time, the accidents that cause traumatic amputations are due to any fault of victim and could have been avoided. They are often caused by the negligence of another party, such as an employer. Workplace accidents involving heavy machinery are particularly likely to result in traumatic amputation and are usually caused by a machine not being looked after properly by the victim’s employee. Similarly, car crashes in which victims’ limbs are crushed and subsequently amputated are often due to errors made by another driver, whether that be driving dangerously or driving under the influence of alcohol. If your amputation injury was caused by an accident that was not your fault but the fault of another person, you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

What treatments are available to amputees?

In some cases, it may be possible for both partially and completely separated limbs to be reattached to the body. However, problems with the reattached limb may result in eventual amputation. Treatment typically consists of the application of a prosthetic limbs. Prosthetic limbs can help patients to regain some of their independence by allowing them to walk again and improving their self-confidence. Advances in prosthetic technology mean amputees can now purchase prosthetics that are able to grasp objects, helping them to perform tasks that they would otherwise be unable to complete. You can claim compensation to help cover the cost of prosthetics and other adaptive technologies.

How much compensation can I claim?

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the extent of your amputation and how badly you have been affected by your injury. Victims of amputation injuries are often awarded large sums of money to help towards the cost of adaptive technologies that the victim is likely to need in order to live an independent life. Compensation can also be awarded to cover any loss of earnings that the victim experienced as a result of their injury.

How can PDA help me?

Our highly reliable solicitors are extremely experienced in the field of serious injury law and have the knowledge and expertise needed to fight your corner and win you the compensation you are entitled to. We will treat you and your case with the respect and compassion you deserve and will be on hand to help you through the investigation and answer any queries you may have. Contact us today on 01244 373 373. Alternatively, complete our online contact form and let our dedicated team get you what you deserve.

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