Our experienced private client solicitors can offer advice on a range of landlord and tenant matters; we can approach disputes from both sides for a full understanding of the issues, and we will always make sure that we give you an honest opinion of whether you are legally in the right or not.

We represent both landlords and tenants in cases involving breaches of tenancy agreements, disputes over property disrepair, and breach of deposit protection claims.

In cases involving eviction, we can advise on the tenant’s rights to remain in the property – sometimes even though a fixed-term tenancy agreement has expired – and likewise we will advise both tenants and landlords on the correct steps to take if eviction is permitted.

We provide simple, straightforward advice to help you resolve any disputes, possession claims or court hearings in an effective manner, while remaining as amicable as possible to avoid any arguments and aggression during legal eviction proceedings.

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Our Landlord and Tenant Services

We offer a varied range of services in the tenants’ sector, including:

We are also happy to take any general enquiries about making a claim against a landlord or tenant for any area of law not already listed here where you feel like they may be in breach of their obligations, or if you think they may have committed an actual criminal offence.

Cases involving rental arrears can be particularly challenging as, while a missed payment can immediately create difficulties for the landlord, it may not be possible to take firm legal action until several payments are missed.

For such cases and others where you want to be able to take firm action, the sooner you seek legal advice, the sooner we can advise you on taking the next step in court – so that once you are able to escalate the situation, there is no further delay in doing so.

If you would like to enquire about other services in this area, feel free to contact a member of our team today.

Why PDA Law Solicitors?

Our well-respected landlords and tenants team includes leading solicitors from around the region renowned for their expertise in settling legal disputes in this sector, and we always work diligently to represent the interests of our clients, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.

At PDA Law Solicitors, we pride ourselves on approaching each case in a friendly, yet professional manner. We avoid legal jargon and work to keep you well-informed throughout your claim.

Landlords enquiring about eviction proceedings may have been through the process before, but we are careful to approach each case on its own merits to highlight any potential obstacles, and to make sure that tenants in substantial rent arrears, or who have damaged your property, are not given any excuse to remain in the property.

Where appropriate, we offer cases on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning you can settle your dispute with no financial risk.

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We welcome all enquiries on all aspects of rental property disputes between landlords and tenants, and we never assume one party is automatically in the right or in the wrong.

Each case is dealt with on its own merits and the appropriate course of action recommended to you as our client – and of course we will not suggest going to court if you do not have a strong enough case to stand a good chance of winning.

If you feel as though part of your tenancy deposit has been withheld unfairly at the end of your tenancy agreement, we can also liaise with your landlord and their tenancy deposit protection scheme to find out why and attempt to recover your money.

This includes cases where you do not want to use the protection scheme’s own dispute resolution service, and we can also advise on cases where you do not believe your landlord has fulfilled their legal duty to protect your deposit money at all, which can give you significant additional rights as tenant.

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Our Landlords & Tenants Experts

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